23ZERO Recovery Gear

With 23ZERO Recovery Gear getting stuck won't mean the end of your trip, but the start of another adventure

Designed and tested by Australians in Conjunction with 23ZERO USA…

Tested in Utah, Nevada, Moab, and the great Rocky’s as well as Victorian High Country, 23 ZERO Recovery gear is kit 'you can rely on'.

  • Tyre Deflator Rapid with Gauge


    Tyre Deflator Rapid with Gauge

    Deflate your tyres accurately and quickly with the 23ZERO Rapid Tyre Deflator with Gauge


    RRP - $19.95

    Price - $17.95

    Tyre Deflator Rapid with GaugeTyre Deflator Rapid with GaugeTyre Deflator Rapid with GaugeTyre Deflator Rapid with Gauge

    Product Overview

    The 23 ZERO Tyre Deflator is precision manufactured to ensure accuracy and reliability.

    Built tough with solid brass fittings, 0-70psi dial gauge with rubber knock proof outer and packaged in convenient protective case

    Having the right pressure in your tires can greatly improve traction, improve occupant comfort, take care of your 4x4 and get you where you need to go. With the 23 ZERO Tire Deflator you can air down your tires to the required pressure quickly and accurately.

    Features and Specifications

    • 1 x Tyre Deflator Rapid with Gauge
    • 0-70 PSI dial with outer rubber knock proof
    • 100% Brass fittings
    • Extremely quick and Easy to use
    • Valve remover and spare valve caps included
    • Convenient knock proof case with inner foam eggshell padding
    • 12 month warranty

    * Due to our policy of continual product development, the specifications, colors and features may vary.

    Warning compressed air can be dangerous, do not apply or direct compressed air at or near any part of yourself or others. Make certain that you know the recommended inflation pressure of your tires and what the safe limits are for reduced inflation when off road (if you are not sure consult your vehicle manufacturer or tire specialist).